IFMA Membership Overview


You belong in the Build Environment

Gain a community of life-long friends from around the world who help you grow, share practical insights and leave a lasting impact on the world.


Jump ahead of the competition

IFMA’s members get industry-specific access to available positions and skill-building content in addition to the network of IFMA members you will come to know


Stand out as a leader in your industry

From government advocacy to leadership positions in chapters, the sky is the limit for shaping the future of FM and establishing your legacy.

Membership Types

FM Professional

Facility practitioners and educators whose primary responsibilities are to provide, oversee or teach one (or more) facility management competency.

Base IFMA Membership 189$/year + Greece Chapter Membership 120$/year =



Individuals whose primary responsibilities include: business development; sales and/or marketing as a consultant; representation of a manufacturer, vendor, dealer or distributor; and/or provider of facility-related products and services.

Base IFMA Membership 189$/year + Greece Chapter Membership 150$/year =


Young Professional

Individuals who are 35 years of age or younger.

IFMA Membership 149$/year + Greece Chapter Membership 75$/year =



Candidates who are in full-time study at an accredited college or university.

IFMA Membership 10$/year + Greece Chapter Membership 0$/year =



Members in good standing upon their permanent retirement from full-time facility management practice, business development, sales and/or marketing.

IFMA Membership 100$/year + Greece Chapter Membership 60$/year


In order to be a member of the Greek IFMA Chapter, first you have to be a member of IFMA Global.

Membership Benefits


Propel your career forward, find better solutions faster, keep pace with the changing industry and bring additional value to your organization with IFMA’s programs and services.


IFMA’s educational offerings help facility professionals from all backgrounds and experience levels develop the skills they need for career advancement.


With your IFMA membership, you will make the connections and build the relationships needed for a successful career in facility management.


Make a lasting impact on IFMA and the facilities management profession by taking advantage of an IFMA leadership opportunity.


IFMA Events are designed for FM professionals of every career level and will help you develop personal and professional skills.

By being a member of IFMA Greek Chapter, you also gain the following

Free for all Greece Chapter Members

– Networking with peers on a national scale
– Certificates presentations and constant support
– Local employment and career growth opportunities
– Attendance on online seminars and workshops
– Voting rights

Discounts for all Greece Chapter Members

– Social Events
– Live seminars and workshops

How to become a member