Don’t leave your career up to chance. Take control of your future starting now.

Serious facility professionals know that to succeed in FM, you must be dedicated to continually improving yourself and those around you. And, that improvement comes from a commitment to upskilling and staying informed.

IFMA credentials and training can help you do just that.

A solid foundation in the fundamentals of FM
Passion for learning and staying up-to-date on industry trends
Focus and determination to make an impact in your organization
Confidence in your expertise verified by credentials

Master the 11 core competencies of facility management

Finance & Business

Operations & Maintenance

Leadership & Strategy

Project Management


Performance & Quality

Facility Information Management & Technology Management

Occupancy & Human Factors

Real Estate

Risk Management


IFMA Certificates

Facility Management Professional (FMP)

Gain the skills you need. This is a great course for business professionals and others new to the facility management industry.

What You’ll Learn

  • Best practices for managing your facilities
  • Effective strategies and critical thinking skills
  • The four pillar areas of study for a strong foundation

Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP)

Develop your expertise in sustainable facility management practices. Great for new and experienced FMs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Sustainability best practices, solutions and strategies
  • How to incorporate sustainable practices into your facility
  • How to optimize resources to impact the triple bottom line

Certified Facility Manager (CFM)

Assess your knowledge and understanding across all 11 FM core competencies and get the certification that sets the industry standard of competence of practicing facility managers.

What You’ll Gain

  • Mastery of a global standard of knowledge
  • Credibility through validating your expertise
  • The pinnacle achievement of FM professionals